Brew darker

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1. We're excited to have two new sponsors this year, gladfield malt and beerco, who are putting up some great prizes. please make every effort to use use Gladfield malt in your recipes which can be obtained from beerco via online store or locally in marrickville at the hop and grain

2. please post a pic of your brew day on instagram and/or social media, tag us and include #stavesbrewdarkercomp

3. you may put in more than one brew into the competition, but it must be brewed for the competition

4. all beers must be received at staves brewery by 10pm sunday 6th may.

5. please supply two bottles of your brew (any size bottle is ok)

6. beers will be judged by the staves team and a gladfield malt representative

7. please supply with entries clearly labeled , basic description, abv, full name, email address and phone number

8. winners will be announced on social media, i.e. instagram and facebook

9. sorry, we are not able to provide feedback on your entries

10. winning beer will be launched and served on tap at staves at our annual winter solstice event on thursday 21 jun 2018

11. your beer may also be served on tap at other local pubs/bars 

12. your name will be engraved on the staves homebrew champions cup

13. get creative and have fun. we dont expect beers to be to style, we're just looking for great dark brews

14. no professionals!